Phrasal verbs/Verbes à particule : Trouvez le verbe correspondant pour chaque énoncé : to sum up, to think through, to step up, to try out, to look up, to bump into, to check in, to get over, to turn down, to look up.

When you arrive at the hotel, you have to ____ ____.

This book seems interesting, can you ____ it ____ for me?

That was an intense relationship, it took her a lot of time to ____ ____ it.

He totally admires her, I can tell by the way he ____ ____ her.

I can't believe I just ____ ____ Natalie Portman!

We are hearing you but your offer is not interesting enough, we have no choice but to ____ it ____.

Our numbers are not sufficient, we have to ____ ____ our production.

I wonder how old the Queen is. Let me ____ it ____.

I want to ____ ____ a new restaurant tonight.

I don't think you ____ this ____ (past), I think it's a bad idea.

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