Past simple or present perfect? Trouvez la forme du verbe qui convient !

I ____(be) to Italy twice and I want to go again!

Last saturday, I ____ (go) swimming.

You need to finish your essay, I don't feel like you ____ (do) much work lately.

He would never do that, I ____ (know) him for years!

The kids ____ (fight) this morning.

He said he would make efforts, but nothing ____. (change)

I can't open the door, I ____ (lose) my keys!

Last night was atrocious...they ____ (debate) on pointless matters for hours..!

Are you still listening? I feel like I ____ (lose) you.

Congratulations everyone, our profits ____ (rise) drastically since last year!

Exercices proposés par Dylan Liegeois. En cas de problème, écrivez à [email protected].