Comparative or superlative ? Trouvez la forme de l'adjectif qui convient !

Ebtissem, Harun's mother, is ____ (young) than his father.

For me, history class is ____ (interesting) than science.

Samantha has ____ (dark) hair than Elsa.

Allen is ____ (intelligent) of all his friends because he has a Ph.D.,the most intelligent

Travelling by car is usually ____ (slow) than by train.

They all love making jokes but Marcie is ____ (funny) of the group because she is a professional comedian.

It's ____ (hot) in Ibiza than in Dunkerque.

Nikola has a ____ (good) knowledge in politics than Lucio.

Jennifer is ____ (artistic) than Maria and sometimes paints in her free time.

This is ____ (bad) show I have every seen.

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